You shout, we shoot…

I’d seen guns severally on different occasions but with the authorized people. This time, it was an armed robbery attack in my house that left me traumatized for a while. I suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the incidence but its a lot better now.

Waking up as usual to pee, I heard the sound of a hen downstairs in the compound, it wasn’t just crowing, I think it was screaming for help. My usual reaction, I peeped just to see if it was being attacked by the others, but, alas, I saw a masked man trying to catch and silence it. That was the beginning of an eventful night and years of trauma.

With my sleepy eyes I knew that sight was unusual, so I ran to my dads room just beside mine to tell him “daddy, someone is in the compound, maybe one of the vigilantes, but I think he’s trying to steal a chicken” (funny yeah, well that’s what it seemed like). He was confused too but the thought of having someone in the compound at past 3am was the issue.

We both activated vigilante mode and ran downstairs to look through the windows to see clearly what was going on. Shockingly, we realised they were three of them, armed with shot guns, roaming the compound trying to find an opening to enable then into the house. As soon as we saw this, we woke everyone else and started calling the estate security men and the estate executives via phone.

Unfortunately, these supposed rescue team didn’t come on time as the armed robbers got in anyway. While raising attention of neighbors by banging on the doors, constant calls to the securities and flashing our torch, the robbers were finding all means to get in. The last attempt was what prompted my dad to voluntary open the door for them, when he saw that they had gone to carry our gas cylinder, and placed it on a stool by the window. Rather than wait for them to carry out their devilish thought, he opened the door for them.

It was my worst night; for the first time a gun was pointed directly to me, I was scared for me, my siblings and my parents. I still don’t remember where the initiative and energy to hide some of my gadgets came but I did before they got upstairs. They took some of our phones, money, and jewelry and left after scaring everyone with their guns of course.

Hold on, the security men finally showed up after the operation😅, yeah. However, they managed to exchange bullets with one of the armed robbers and shot his hand but they eventually escaped. Long story short, this lasted for about an hour, we fought hoping they won’t get in but it turned out we let them in.

Typical African community, everyone came out in the morning to sympathize, we appreciated but wished we got help at the time instead. As good citizens we also thought to report to the police station, good yeah, until they asked that we pay to write our statement….. I was short of words and just concluded that in this country, we have lost it…

To calm the situation, daddy went out to get us new phones and some pack of yoghurts to feel good😅😅😅. It did the work until it was time to sleep again and reality dawned on us that we were going to have days, weeks, months and maybe years for me, of completely sleepless nights and eventually occasional traumatic nights.

After different forms of therapies, I’d say things are better now, and I look forward to having peaceful nights in future…

International Women’s Day

As much as I’d love to join the entire world in celebrating this occasion, I am a bit taken aback and scared cause of the several happenings in the world affecting women.

Everyone comes out today to say “Happy International Women’s Day”, “Breaking the bias” which is the year’s theme but are we really unbiased?? These same women that are being celebrated are the greatest enemy to each other, women do not support each other, women are envious of each other, women do not look out for each other, these things are very obvious in our society.

Professional women see housewives as lazy and not worthy of speaking in public places, married women see spinsters as unfortunate and not worthy of standing in public places, non-muslim women equally see muslim women as dumb, illiterate and not worthy of being in certain positions, yet we clamor for breaking the bias. Good initiative, yes, but are we really ready to do the work, are we ready to kick against being biased amongst ourselves, are we being true to the word “sisterhood”??

It is appalling that we have these problems as women, unresolved yet we go out fighting unnecessary insecurities, seeking equality where it isn’t even needed. If we think we are worthy enough to have a day set out to celebrate ourselves as the female gender why do we then fight with the other gender as though we forget that we are a unique specie on our own. Whether we like it or not, can a man ever, like ever, conceive and bear a child? Can a man bleed for one day not to talk of the 7 to 10 days like some of us? Can they do the wife duties, are they home makers or managers? Why do we even think we should compare, why even bother? Looking outside the box should only ever come up when you’ve exhausted the space in the box, not the other way round.

Let’s talk more on supporting the female community, let’s learn to look out for each other, raise each other, fight for each other instead of fighting against each other. Look around you, women are victims of basically every form of atrocities: kidnapping, ritual killings, domestic violence, poverty, sexual harassment, religious harassment to mention a few. What are you doing as a woman? Do you support and speak for her or you blame her for wearing the hijab too or blame her for sitting at home and taking care of her kids instead of competing with her husband to work 8am to 6pm, doesn’t stop there, you also hypocritically blame her for not being a mother by taking care of her kids when they turn out bad… why are we such a confused gender🤨

If you truly have to celebrate today, leave the men out of it, don’t expect gifts, money or praises from men. Praise yourself and the women around you, acknowledge how beautiful, unique, fearless, deserving you are of the best things of the world and not worst things of this world.

Promise yourself to be there for YOU and every woman out there at anytime, any day, thats when you say Happy Women’s Day.

Ready or Not?

This thing called marriage though😂😂

The more I want to be in it, the more scared I get. I have had this topic drafted since October, 2020, at the time I wasn’t in a relationship but I was looking into getting one so it was necessary that I considered if I was ready.

A year and some months now, if you ask if I have an answer yet, I’d say I am still not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure about what I feel for my partner, very sure about my feelings, you’d wonder why I then don’t have an answer if I am ready for ‘together forever’🤷‍♀️. The past months have been a roller coaster of emotions, discoveries, choices, getting counseling and all that, I mean, I think its normal at this stage that there will be a number of differences that needs to be discussed. These differences are the reason why I am not sure if I am ready.

I understand that marriage is about compromise, sacrifices, doing things to please the other person, but I also know that marriage is not about losing oneself, it is about going into a journey as a whole, happy, fully accepted, respected, and valued person. It is important to identify oneself, value, prospect and all before going into marriage with the other party.

Lately, its been a rollercoaster of arguments over our little differences. Differences that seem minute but so vital that sometimes I fear its going to break us up. At a point, I thought we made a mistake at the beginning, I felt like my partner was more about getting me to even accept him and I was equally bothered about falling in love and accepting him, that we didn’t bother having certain conversations. Besides, we assumed we knew each other very well since we have always been friends from way back. What we both forgot was, we only knew the little that each person wanted the other partner to see. We thought knowing the basics was enough until it became clear to both of us that we are getting close to taking the big step.

Our character, habits, attitudes, personalities suddenly became questionable, you don’t have to be like this, you can be a bit of this and this, I’ll like you to do this instead etc were the conversations at the time. I was bittered, unhappy, worried, scared, emotionally drained cause to be honest, I didn’t understand what was going on. I found myself talking to my friends, crying, lost in thoughts, I remember moving out an elderly friends house one morning cause I just didn’t know how to handle the situation and I was scared I’d do something stupid (yeah, it was that crazy, I just wanted all the thoughts in my head to disappear)… sometimes I had loud conversations with myself. One thing that I wasn’t in doubt of during this dark period was I was still very sure that I wanted this person but I obviously didn’t know the best way to address the differences that was beginning to threaten the relationship.

Oh man, I got lots of advise, like from everybody I could speak to at the time. As expected, some supporters and others against, I was in a dilemma but one advise stood still for me, this person after speaking for hours will tell me that I am the only one who can decide what I want not any other person, I just needed to ask myself the genuine questions of “what I want in a mariage, can my current partner give me these things, can he support me in achieving my dreams, will he discourage me in becoming a better muslimah and all??

Tough tough times, these questions seem like very easy yes or no questions until you sit down to think about them genuinely. Alhamdulillah, at every time I remember the fact that only Allah can guide me, I answered most of these questions through Allah by continually making my Istikhara dua (prayer for divine guidance). At the point where I feel like it is over, something happens and I feel again that this is a temporary trial, it made me put in effort in having honest conversations and eventually resolving majority of these issues.

Ask me again at this point if I am ready, I will still tell you I’d think about it 🤣🤣. Lol, not because I am not ready but saying I am ready will seem as though I believe there won’t be issues again or that I am capable of resolving anything that comes now but by Allah, I know that anytime marriage eventually happens, I know He has got my back and by His grace I will be ready to live that life with my other half whom at the time will be able to agree with me on what side of the bed we both will sleep😭🤣🤣, to mention the least.

On a serious note, I pray we all find that partner whose religious beliefs, values, life goals and aspirations will align with ours so much that the differences will almost not matter.


What does it really mean to be a liberal Muslim?

This question has been on my mind for a really long time now, like someone comes up in the middle of an Islamic conversation and says because I am a liberal Muslim, I don’t think so and so is wrong or I feel there is nothing wrong with the act🤷‍♀️. While it is okay to give an opinion as an individual, I think it is high time we stop hiding under the term “liberalism” to embrace and encourage certain things that are not allowed in Islam. May Allah guide us.

Liberalism means a lot of things but when we use it in the context where Muslims regard themselves as being liberal, there is a common explanation of the word. “Liberal muslims” tend to affirm the promotion of progressive values such as democracy, gender equality, human rights, LGBT rights, women’s rights, religious pluralism, interfaith marriage, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and freedom of religion etc. It is sometimes used to mean modernism🤷‍♀️, some sort of ideological response to the Western cultural challenge, attempting to reconcile the Islamic faith with modern values some of which have been listed above. May be not these extents but surely in line with it.

I would like to state that there is no wisdom in identifying oneself as a type of Muslim, a Muslim should be a practicing, striving, devoted Muslim regardless of whatever scale he or she is currently struggling with. But an unsafe way to describe oneself is to say “I am a liberal Muslim or I am not like some Muslims that take things strictly, or I practice the deen but embrace some values because well, we are not perfect and all Allah wants to see is that we are doing the basics and so many other excuses”, Astagfirullah 🙏

Last time I checked Islam is not some old religion in terms of the world evolution, basically everything happening now and that will still happen has been provided for in the Quran or in the hadith and nothing is new. Our required response or reaction to these things have been long provided for, so I wonder when something new comes up rather than follow the Islamic tenet we are quick to say oh its the 21st century, you know there is no harm in embracing. Oh there is every harm, Allah has warned us, His prophet has warned us and provided guidance, why would we then decide when to play old or modern muslim🤷‍♀️. Astagfirullah

Besides, coming out to say that “I am a liberal Muslim hence this and this is fine by me” can be compared to coming out openly to encourage that which is wrong. Where being open and honest about what you know Islam preaches is difficult for you, silence might just be the best option. “Do not be like them, do not imitate them” is what Islam preaches so when we bend our rules so we can fit in, Astagfirullah, we are not doing the right thing.

This piece is not out to judge anyone but to remind us that we must at all times stay true and steadfast to the tenets of Islam. Islam does not encourage liberalism on issues that are totally against its tenets, what it encourages is a muslim who is gradually taking steps to embrace the teachings of Islam regardless of the society he finds himself in.

We should be proud Muslims at all times, not only when it pleases us or when we don’t have to defend anything. A student isn’t just judged by going to classes all through school year but by how much tests and exams he can attempt and succeed in, against all odds🤷‍♀️. The society is how it is now and it is not so easy to practice as we’d want but what we shouldn’t do is give up and indirectly become part of them.

The acceptable term to describe ourselves will be ‘a striving muslim’ because that is what we do everyday, we keep trying to get better, we keep trying to please Allah by abiding by His rules and staying away from the forbidden. Even Rosulullah (SAW) whom Allah has forgiven all his sins before he died,never stopped trying to worship and be better, why then do we in this generation feel so comfortable on one level and even decide to tell Allah what kind of believers we want to be.

May Allah ease our affairs and keep us steadfast on the right path. Ameen

I failed again…

Yeah, again…

Do you ever feel like you failed to keep your promise again? Like you slipped again after promising yourself not to make the same mistake the uptenth time? Do you feel exhausted and want to give up cause you don’t even trust yourself to make a promise and keep to it again? Do you want to just admit that you’ve failed again and you will continue to fail?

Its hard, I know it is, cause I struggle too, we all do. We make a promise today and days later we go back on it, we swear by Allah and everything holy enough that it will be our last but we go right back to it. We cry, feel remorseful, sad, unhappy and sometimes even feel tempted to place a price on our next promise but we go back again. You ever wonder why it happens that way?

Do you sometimes question your will power, your ability to say no and hold on it, your ability to be righteous enough to fear Allah and sincerely repent? Yes, these and many other questions will come. I think its time we think more of the fact that we are humans, and “to human is to err, to forgive is divine”. This is not to justify some of our acts but to give us a breather and a clear understanding of why we do what we do.

Allah has created us all in unique ways, but one thing is common, we are humans and from what we have seen from time immemorial, no human is perfect. This means that we will make mistakes, over and over and over and over again, for as many times as possible. Do you feel bad and remorseful after making those mistakes and wish you’d never do them again?; this is the question for an imperfect human who is then conscious of what is right and wrong.

It is just normal that when you do good things, you feel fulfilled but when you do something bad, you are filled with guilt and you wish you could right those wrongs. As Muslims, we are not above mistakes; Rasulullah (SAW) reported that Allah had said: if a generation decides not to make mistakes or sin, He will wipe them off the face of the earth and bring in new set of people that He knows will sin and seek forgiveness… (not exactly how it was said but you get the gist).

If Allah, Our Rabb, the One whom we fear has acknowledged that He, being our Creator knows that we aren’t perfect and that we will sin and make mistakes; then don’t beat yourself so much about making a mistake. Again, this is not to encourage anyone to continually make mistakes and act like it is all good. There’s a second lap to this rule, “the best of sinners are those who are quick to repent”. Now you want to ask yourself, are you the type of sinner that runs to seek forgiveness or you are the type that hides under the excuse that Allah said we are bound to make mistakes?

The initial provision is to make you understand that you are sinning or making mistakes because you are human and Allah knows that. Your duty as a believer will then be to take the next step in seeking Allah’s mercy after making that mistake; emphasis on mistake!

Except for those who repent and correct themselves and make evident [what they concealed]. Those – I will accept their repentance, and I am the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.(2:222)

The repentance accepted by Allah is only for those who do wrong in ignorance [or carelessness] and then repent soon after. It is those to whom Allah will turn in forgiveness, and Allah is ever Knowing and Wise. (4:18)

Yes you did but will you give up or get up and do the right thing?

So will they not repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness? And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. (7:143)

Do not despair of Allah’s forgiveness and mercy; for He is Al-Gaffur Ar-Raheem.

May Allah make us of those that constantly seek His forgiveness 🙏

How we choose to wear the hijab…

Just an illustration..

This will be a really short piece, or I’d try to make it short.

I won’t go about saying this is what the hijab should look like, this is the appropriate length or color and all that, I just want to establish the fact that it is a command by Allah that muslim/believing women should cover up and dress modest.

It is a command from the One who created us…

Whether the society that we live in approves it or makes it easy for us to follow this command, is another question which causes the most controversies. However, what we should understand as muslimahs is that our dressing at all times is one that should show modesty. Tight fitted cloths, transparent clothing, revealing dresses etc will not be seen as modest. Imagine using the hijab on a face filled with make up (carved brows, red lipstick, yellow eye shadow etc), yes you might have used the hijab but have you obeyed the command of Allah to dress modestly? To dress in such a humble manner that you don’t intentionally cause men to stare lustly? May Allah make it easy.

Some of us in the name looking smart for our profession, we tend to bend the rules of the hijab. This buttresses the point on living in a society that does not exactly approve or encourage the full command of the hijab. While one is able to compromise with the lenght, coor, mix and all, the greater objective cannot and should not be ignored which is to be modestly dressed at all times. To be dressed in a way that you’d be able to observe solat at its time without feeling uncomfortable.

Different styles of hijab preached by modest muslimah influncers…

It is not for anyone to say: “if you can’t wear the hijab, you can style your scarf instead this way”, No. Let people do it because that is the stage they are in (May Allah make it easy for us all), not because some persons have made the use of turban look so good then goes ahead to say: “for my muslim sisters who can’t use the hijab, here is something to use”, Astagfirullah we will all be accountable for leading people.

At the end of the day, everything we do is Fisabilillah (for Allah’s sake), so why don’t we just do it cautiously, with piety! It might seem difficult but remember the day Allah will ask us why we failed or refused to obey His command, why we chose society over Him, why we chose lustful comments over eternal reward🤷‍♂️. We always pray for Allah to take us at the time when He is pleased with us, let’s work towards it.

For those of us struggling to get there because of the society we live in, may Allah make it easy for us all, AMEEN.

May Allah grant victory to Muslims all over the world too. AMEEN.

How to love…

This doesn’t exactly caption what I have in mind but kinda in that line of thought…

Are there rules about how to be in love? How to show love? How to match actions with feelings when we claim to be in love? Do we really mean it when we say: “I want to spend every minute of my life with you!” Or “I feel incomplete when I don’t hear from you in a day!” Or “I never want to go to bed angry with you or without resolving an issue with you!” Or “I love you just the way you are”??? Or are these mere expressions only when we are in our feelings, maybe, just maybe, we say them when we are carried away.

The single act of being in love is not enough…

Being in love means accepting the other person with their goodness and flaws. Being able to speak to them about everything, your fears, worries, concerns, needs, desires, dreams not just some optional best day experience over the bad ones. Being able to be vulnerable around them, showing them where you are at with your struggles, where you want to be by getting better, where you equally want them to be for the betterment of the relationship. It is about meeting at the middle not giving up all the time cause you want peace to reign and you’d rather not push. It is about encouraging, and looking forward to be the best thing that ever happened to the person.

Fights, misunderstandings, quarrels are part of it; remember it is a relationship of two different people coming together. But you know what’s different here, these aren’t just colleagues at work, or neighbours in a community, these are two people who promised to communicate at all times, two people who have taken it upon themselves to make each other happy and nothing more. So when the break in communication comes in due to issues, I feel it opens up opportunities for other things. Appreciation of personal space will then set in and for once you’d think: “I sort of feel different not having to worry about someone”, “maybe I should just let her be for sometime, let’s each have our alone time”… Having an alone time in a relationship shouldn’t come up because of a fight or an issue, it is something that can be done without either party feeling bad and the other feeling ‘free from the partners trouble’

In summary…

The more space you leave while tying a knot, the loose it becomes. It is meant to remain as tight as possible, so as to hold whatever it is attached to. When you claim to love wholeheartedly, unconditionally, completely; don’t just say it, act it. I know we are not perfect, sometimes we’d get furious, agitated and all but when you love someone, you’d be quick to forgive, to resolve, to get back together not stay long apart.

If you love someone…

When quitting a job…

Or sorry, when your employer asks you to leave😅

Yeah, use the door…

I mean, no one says you have to start and end your career in a particular firm or organization; no. There is even this popular saying that: “start planing your exit as soon as you start working in a particular organisation”. Yup, start planning how many years you’d use there and when its time to carry your bag✌

This however does not mean that you start a job position with the intent and in fact actions that show that you are immediately planning to leave. The idea is that while you work hard to grow and become better at what you do for yourself and your employer, you are equally planning a better future for yourself at a better organization with the gathered experience and skills. For instance, a tech person will start his career at some start up company, build with them, accept the fair salary, work on their pitch deck and future projections together. He’d do it so well you’d think he is never going to leave, but guess what, while he genuinely appreciates the idea of the start up company, he is equally pursuing and getting ready for greater opportunities to come. In the long run, he wants to have a portfolio and LinkedIn profile that is worthy of getting some likes and eventually an interview invite from Facebook, Microsoft, Google or even LinkedIn itself.

Again, he genuinely appreciates the vision of his current employer but he has to move on to his desired career path and fulfill his dreams. You will agree with me that this is valid reason to leave any employer and move to another. Provided at all times, he is dedicated and fully efficient in discharging his duties under the current employer.

Now tables turned…

Why and how do some employers let go of their valuable employees? Emphasis on valuable employees, I mean its okay to let go of those who aren’t adding value to the company (of what use are they, anyway?). Employers have the right to hire or fire at will👌, point taken. However, the manner of such termination and in fact the reason should be tangible enough. An employer can let go of valuable employees due to inability to pay salary, winding up of the company, conflict of interest etc, they are understandable. Flimsy excuses such as an unfounded assumption of an employee (in this case a professional) not being able to carry out his duties as a result of his engagement with other organization having its business completely different from the current employer is baseless and unapologetic.

I’d rather an employer terminates an appointment simply on the basis that they cannot condone part time employment, than come up with such assumption that has no basis or evidential back up🤷‍♀️. Especially when the employee is one of the very few dedicated ones. An honest and open conversation will save both parties of an unfriendly end, ensure a friendly parting or cheerful send forth and a likely future mutually beneficial relationship. (If you get what I mean😀).

In essence, employees have feelings too, the good ones get so attached with the job that leaving whether voluntarily or otherwise is usually difficult for them. To make it worse is when, the employers ask them to leave giving flimsy excuses that ridicules the length of service, dedication and commitment of such employee.

Either ways, I quit today (IV-VI-MMXXI)✌

PS: Employers should ensure that they are upto date with happenings in the labour industry, with regards to the necessary skills needed to run and manage employees of a company; from their first day of employment to the day they finally leave.

Are you grateful?

If you are grateful…

Are you grateful for your life? Are you grateful for your health? Are you grateful for having shelter, food and cloths? Are you even grateful for having the sight to read this, the brain to understand it, or the means to access this? Sincerely, are you grateful?

While it is excusable but not encouraging to complain about what we do not have over all of the many things that we have, it is totally discouraging to complain about what we have. A lot of us subconsciously complain of the things we have and in fact prayed for, Astagfirullah.

Sometimes we pray and ask Allah to grant us sound health, a good job or spouse or child or whatever we desire, and when He finally does in the best way possible, we tend to complain, again subconsciously. As believers, we need to understand that a lot of times, Allah answers our prayers, maybe not at the time we want it or the way we want it, but trust me, however way He does it is exactly how it is meant to be.

I’d share a personal experience; beginning of this year i made a list of things I’d like Allah to grant me, one of which was a better job. And Alhamdulillah, it came (trust me it was unexpected), at a point I argued with myself that the prayer hadn’t gotten to Allah yet before the good news came cause it was pretty sudden and unexpected. I was happy wallahi, cause it was indeed a better job, a different role to what I was currently doing but definitely one that I equally had an interest in.

I was grateful…

I was grateful but then I got confused🤦‍♀️. I didn’t know if I was ready to leave my current job, lol😅. I had sleepless nights thinking of how to go about it, I started getting ready to resume for the new one cause it wasn’t something to think about because I knew I wanted it. I started questioning Allah’s blessing (why did you bless me with this when you know I will be confused and still attached to the other one? Why didn’t You prepare me for this blessing so I will be ready to just jump out and onto the next one? Astagfirullah, I was asking questions😢). Imagine what the situation will be if someone without a job got just one offer, rather than question what, how, where or when to resume, won’t they just jump on the offer knowing what financial relief it will bring to them?

Somehow I was able to do both jobs together, yes the old and new one but it was not exciting. I complained everyday of how stressful and tiring it was merging both jobs (remember, Allah simply answered my prayers and here I was putting myself in an unfavorable condition yet blaming Him, astagfirullah). Anyway, now I have the opportunity of letting go of the previous job and even though I am still a little bit confused cause of my attachment with it, I think I should just let it go. I feel like Allah’s plan is to give me a job with less stress (was going through much stress then) yet more fulfilling and easy path towards my desired life goal.

The point is, we need to be grateful for every thing Allah has blessed us with no matter how minute. We need to understand the way Allah works in terms of His blessings and answering our prayers. Its usually not about what we want, when or how but How He finally grants it. This is not to say we shouldn’t be specific when making duaas but we should not forget that ours is to ask but it is Allahs’ to grant at the right and best time.

Most importantly, we should be grateful at all times. Everyday, in whatever situation cause you only need to look around and see that a lot of people wish to have quarter of what you have. Whether good health, wealth, shelter, food, clothes, job or anything at all, some people wish they had a little of it.

Our Deathday…

The deepest fact i have read lately….

I woke up this morning to the news that a 9year old boy who suffered from Leukemia that I have been quietly following up on, died in the early hours of this morning. His last words the night before was to ask that God took him away if he won’t heal him, as the pain was unbearable 😢. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I read that God indeed took him this morning.

This became the basis of my thought for the entire day. A lot of people, young and old, rich and poor, Muslims and Christians, black or white are suffering from various types of illnesses, some minor or major, terminal or not. What hurt more in this case is that the poor boy had gone through so much pain that he had to ask, he literally prayed to God to take him, (Subhanallah🥲). And truly, God took him to rest cause he didn’t deserve that much pain.

Death is inevitable and no one knows how, when or where it will come, but it will one day. The quote above can be interpreted on the face of it but if we consider it deeply it means that one day we will unconsciously prepare for our death. We will leave the house to our place of death, we will place that call that will be our last, we will buy or prepare the food that will be our last, we will spend or receive the cash that will be our last, we will say our last words unconsciously and infact we will dress up unconsciously in what will be our last piece of clothing before the final white shroud.

In essence, we must understand and consciously prepare for that day, that day that we do not know but we unconsciously dress up for. Not everyone will have the opportunity the little boy had to pray and infact prepare to be taken, some of us might infact pray to be taken but Allah will not take us until He is ready. Death is regarded as unexpected because even when you are told how many months or days you have left, no one is ever able to tell the time, the minute, the second it will come.

I pray that Allah takes us when He is most pleased with us.

I pray that we do not have to suffer extreme pain before He takes our lives.

May the souls of the dead continue to rest in peace and enjoy the mercy of Allah.



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